What Are ASD Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies?

What Are ASD Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies?

The ASD essential eight are a set of mitigation policies that are developed to decrease the risk and damage of cyber-attacks. Here are all you need to know about these strategies and how they can help you.

What is ASD Essential eight?

The ASD essential 8 is produced by the Australian Signals Directorate and is known for their high level cyber resilience. Mainly these strategies are concerned on two areas; Preventing malware from running in your environment and limiting the extent of security incidents, and being able to recover data.

What are the Benefits You Will Receive?

The strategies have eight items that are listed under it, all strategies designed to reduce the risk of cyber security breaches. Application whitelisting which allows only the selected software applications to run on computers preventing all other programs including malware, patch applications that detect the weaknesses in software applications which make them more prone to cyber-attacks, disabling untrusted Microsoft office macros, and user application hardening which prevent the download and delivery of malware respectively are among the strategies that are designed to prevent malware.

Among the strategies that limit incidents relating to cyber security breach and help to recover lost data are restricting of administrative privileges which includes the reviewing of administration privileges on computer systems and provide permission only for those who need them, patching operating systems which is the remedying and solving the weaknesses in a systems and keeping them up-to-date, multifactor authentication which uses another aspect (mobile device or physical token etc.) To make it tough for cyber criminals to breach your system and daily backing up of important data which allows you to access your important data even after a security incident.

Why Use the Essential Eight?

There are many benefits your organization will receive if these strategies become part of your cyber security plan. The eight strategies are designed to strengthen your organizations computer networks and data security systems against any form of cyber-attack and lessen the damage it can cause your organization if such an attack ever happens. One of the tops benefits you will enjoy with such strategies is the better reputation you will be able to build. Data breaches can damage any relations you might have with your company stakeholders.

Being able to prevent one from happening or being able to recover your important data even after an incident will help you to secure their trust and confidence in you. Cyber-attacks are also known to damage a company’s productivity. With a proper strategy implemented against the effects of a cyber-attack, the damages to your work will be next to none which can in turn improve your productivity. It is also helpful in preventing any important data leak which is essential to maintain the good reputation of your company.

A well planned strategy can help you to secure the good name of your company and will you develop your organization without any obstacles from cybercrimes. With such solutions you can stay at top of your field and work towards organizational improvement.

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