The Challenges of An Improperly Set Up Home Internet Connection

The Challenges of An Improperly Set Up Home Internet Connection

A personal home internet connection is important to people and something that almost all households have nowadays. This is simply due to the growing number of people that have smart devices that generally require an internet connection to be able to properly most effectively work. It is also coupled with the ease that is there to get an internet connection and also decreasing costs of internet connections.

With all of this, it is commonplace, that when you visit someone’s house, you can easily see your Wi-Fi indicator light up, showing that there is some Wi-Fi connection available. However, just bringing home a Wi-Fi router and plugging it in, is kind of the worst possible options and can have very serious consequences. To set up a Wi-Fi properly you need to follow some of these basic steps.

Making Sure that the Wi-Fi is Password Protected

The most important thing and one of the most basics steps that you can take to protect your Wi-Fi system is to have it properly protected with a valid Wi-Fi password. This is an important step as it makes sure that no one else can access or do anything that will compromise your Wi-Fi. It also, more importantly, means that no one without your approval can just connect to your Wi-Fi and use it.

Setting this up of course means that you have to go in to your Wi-Fi settings and do some changes. How exactly, changes with device to device so it will be easier. If you’re not too tech-savvy, ask a local tech company that provides home internet setup services to come over and do this for you. Or else you can ask your vendor to do this for you at the point when you buy the Wi-Fi router.

Going the Extra Mile for Your Wi-Fi’s Safety

The next level of protection for your Wi-Fi is to do some security modifications that will make it even harder for anyone to hack into. The first option is to make the Wi-Fi not publicly visible. What this means is that if someone opens up their Wi-Fi connection screen, your Wi-Fi will not be visible there and no one will know it exists. This is a very basic but effective step that can be taken to make your Wi-Fi safer.

The other option is to make sure that only some devices can connect to the Wi-Fi. This is done with what is called a White List. What this means is that you have to manually configure each device and say that “this is a device I trust”. Then your Wi-Fi will only allow these devices to connect into them. However, the steps to achieve this are a little more complicated and therefore you would ideally need to get some professional support as it is also a little more complicated than just setting a password.

While it is not right to say that these two options will make your Wi-Fi impenetrable, it is possible to say that with the first step you make is a lot hard for anyone to connect in and with the second step, you make it almost impossible for a novice or a low key intruder even to get in. To access this, it will require a professional and the odds that they would be interested in your Wi-Fi is highly unlikely.

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